Approx. Weight 200g (50mg CBD)

Ultimate Detox Fairy Dust

  • Contains:
    Matcha Green Tea: High in antioxidants and makes an incredible rejuvenating bath soak.

    Grapefruit Essential Oil: Uplifting, can aid in your body’s natural toxin elimination process.

    Peppermint Essential Oil: Can provides relief from stress, depression and mental exhaustion due to its refreshing nature. Powerfully affects and improves mental clarity and raises energy levels.

    Activated Charcoal: Has an ability to bind impurities and unwanted toxins.
    When using charcoal products in a bath, staining can occur, but it is easily removable with some soap and water. To avoid staining, clean your bath tub before and rinse directly after use.

    Our Bath Bomb Fairy Dust is a great alternative to traditional bath bombs as you can decide how much or how little to pour into your bath in case you don't want to use it all at once!