One imperfect CBD Bath bomb.
The bath bomb might be cracked, broken, wrongly coloured or slightly underweight but still made with right ingredients and contains CBD.

Oopsie Bath Bomb

  • You will receive one random imperfect CBD Bath bomb, it could be one of our best-selling, limited edition, and previously sold out items.

    Every now and again a product doesn't go quite right - it happens to the very best of us! Sometimes we make odd few bath bombs that are not quite as good quality as we'd like them to be.

    These bath bombs might be cracked, broken, wrongly coloured or slightly underweight.

    We do use the same ingredients (including CBD) and the bath bomb will still fizz and release the same fragrances and/or oils in the bath. So why not grab an Oopsie Bath Bomb at a fraction of the usual RRP.

    These are limited in number and so when they are gone they are gone!