200g (200mg CBD) Bath Salts

Frangipani & Lime Luxury Bath Salts

  • With added benefits of Organic Pink Himalayan Salts and Lime Essential Oil.

    Pink Himalayan Salts can make a wonderfull detoxing bath with 84 essential minerals. It can give an additional boost to your overall mineral intake while nourishing your skin and detoxifying your body.
    We use natural, pure and unprocessed Pink Himalayan Salt which is mined naturally from the Himalayas.

    Lime essential oil is a fresh, fruity and vibrant oil which can help to lift the mood and reduce feelings of stress and anxiety. It is an all round 'feel good' oil that is loved by many!

    Frangipani Oil​​​​​​: Sweet & seductive scent. The exotic floral fragrance conjures up images of tropical islands, Hawaiian hideaways and pretty sunsets.

    CBD Bath Salts have been found to have healing and calming properties which help us relax in the bathtub. CBD can also help to reduce anxiety and depression and ease physical aches and pains.